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The Flamingo

The Flamingo

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Created with a nod to the elegance of the Flamingo, this vegan leather paddle cover incorporates a vibrant palette of pink, black, and white, embodying the graceful essence of these striking birds. The choice of these colors reflects the Flamingo's iconic plumage, the distinct contrast between its vivid pink feathers and its sleek black beak. Just as the Flamingo stands tall and embodies elegance, this paddle cover's premium vegan leather composition provides your paddle with a gentle, enduring embrace. The sleek and precision-designed cover mirrors the Flamingo's slender grace, ensuring a snug fit that preserves your paddle's appearance, performance, and lifespan while infusing your game with refined aesthetics. Ideal for players who admire the regal beauty of the Flamingo, this cover seamlessly adds a touch of luxury to your sporting ensemble without compromising the essential functionality your game demands. 

  • Fur Lining 
  • Interior Padding  
  • Vegan Leather  
  • Weather Resistant  
  • 12.25" x 8.75" 


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